Today…I pulled my shit together

Today I pulled my shit together and there was still so much more to do. I got up ready to try again. Yes, I am riding on that resolution BS, but I will take what I can get when I can get it. Never underestimate the power of group mentality.  To say I have been trying to figure it out since the last time I wrote would be an understatement. I have yet again had my heartbroken by those I didn’t even know were holding it, drank vegetables in liquid form, paid to run in races, binge watched shows that gave me nightmares and quit jobs that were probably good for me.

Every morning I get up and sigh. I sigh so loud I’m afraid I will wake up my roommates. Then I immediately think f*ck ’em. Then quickly backtrack and think, I’m so sorry guys I actually don’t hate you But then I think, God I swear so much. Oh then I’m like, God…? Oh hey man, I’m sorry about, well everything that has just happened in the last 5 seconds since I opened my eyes. And then by the time I finish this exchange I’m exhausted and its time for work. So what I have learned since August 09, 2015…? That I know nothing at all. And maybe we’re all just faking it. And I need to get better at faking it to survive. And if this isn’t the truth I want to meet the man who gets up each day greeting the sky and ask if I can stay with him a while.



I am most at peace right here, right now. Writing. I know that. So I should use that knowledge as power for my next journey. Finding the thing that makes me greet the sky each morning. I would like to promise to cut the shit with the sighing and swearing but I can only lose one vice at a time.  I will keep you posted which one I choose.


Inspire me. What makes you greet the sky each morning?


This is not a feminist rant…

All I want for Christmas is for Taylor Swift to disappear from the spotlight and have real women of worth and SUBSTANCE be recognized.  And normally I don’t cheer with the feminist crowd cause I never know if I’m saying the right thing (even though I am a woman…) and also because I’ve been to a strip club (don’t look at me like that).  I’ve been told by a self proclaimed feminist that, that small fact very likely keeps me from sitting for chair woman of the feminist society… like I said… I don’t know.  I’m still woman, hear me purr and roar depending on how much sleep I got.


Who do you want to see here?


This is not a feminist rant.  This is a why do we idolize a 14 year old girl in a 25 year old woman’s body…? rant Because shes friendly? WHAT ON EARTH DOES SHE DO? I honestly believe America sets the bar sooo low for what a great person is. Its embarrassing.  Lets talk George Clooney’s wife.

1) You wifed up George… George, the bachelor of the world. You hear that? Ya, that’s the sound of me clapping.


now that I’ve covered the superficial stuff the public apparently loves so much:

3) She’s an international lawyer for HUMAN RIGHTS (Taylor fckn who??)

Girl you the real MVP

Girl you the real MVP

Little girls listen up: that is who you want to be looking up to.  I’m sure she had a unibrow and got bullied when she was little and now she’s fabulous! She did not let a man define her or her career but rather told THE man to get on her train and hold the hell on.

You DO NOT WANT TO BE TAYLOR SWIFT; Who defines herself by her relationships, constant new female companions (there is nothing wrong with having friends… view blog post where I rant about how much I love my friends) and constantly reverts back to childhood drama. No. You want to learn the idea of standing on your own two feet and moving on and building success that way.

Am I saying Taylor’s incessant whining break up, bullying tunes (what some refer to as anthems) are not relatable? Sure. Am I saying we can do better for role-models as a nation? Absofucknlutely. I just feel like if the aim is to give Person of the Year to a relatable person… give it to a relatable person who has DONE something that makes them stand out or benefits others… Am I getting too into the giving spirit here? In my humble blogosphere opinion Taylor has never set an example I would need women nor men in my life to emulate and if Taylor could be on that cover, well than I could be on that cover, with MY own awkward bad break up, 5’9″ figure, chin blemish and all.

By the way… its my Birthday tomorrow.  #feelingtwentytwo (thanks for the hashtag Taylor…..)