I’ll see you later…

No, no you won’t. The funniest part about travel was probably the parting part (har har har).  What do you say when you’ve met this perfectly perfect person (or slept with… no ones judging.. its a eurotrip…) and its time to hop on your boat or take a different path or check out of your hostel/hotel? See you later?  No.  That in most realistic cases is a lie. Bye period.

Traveling relationships are all short stories, cliff hangers.  When at home we develop chapters and books and novels and series with people, some of which we wish were just sentences and yet others are only given to us for a ferry ride from Athens to Ios.  I watched two people whom I cupid’d together do the splitting of the world travelers last night and its sad, but its a “lets be realistic sad” and then its a “I don’t want be realistic sad, send me a plane ticket in the mail mate!”

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Then I myself said goodbye to a bi-contential affair.  Though brief its strange to me that he’ll no longer be asking me to say “cup of coffee” at 4am hoping for a Boston accent, while I’m nuzzled into his bronzed chest (yeah traveling brings great things…really).

We knew the sun would come up and we’d both keep moving with our own adventures, yet as he stood in the doorway ready to leave he cheerfully lets out, “So I’ll see you later then?”