Never satisfied

Is our generation sad because we are never satisfied?

Are we never satisfied because we are suddenly so aware every day of all the things we could have?

Does happiness come from thinking you have it all?

Is bliss really ignorance?

And if this is so, why are older generations so quick to say we are the most self-absorbed and ignorant generation of them all?

Is it because our need to want so much from seeing so much makes us look inner-ward too often?

I ask myself so often when I am doing so fine for twenty-something…will I ever be satisfied?


I don’t know about you but,

I listen to music in my car way too loud. Like headbanger loud. A girl has to have fun. The ringing in my ears could be a tell sign that my ears are on the way out ooor that someone out there is talking trash. I would like to believe in science and not greek myths for this one (you guys have heard of that right? The story that if your ears are ringing it means someone is talking smack…….?).

 The other night my sister’s boyfriend tried telling me a story across the table at a bar and alI I got was that his lips were flapping. And she’s all smiling and swooning and I’m nodding like an idiot. It could have been important and I missed it. Whereas before my hearing was strictly selective now I know I’m screwed. Time to learn ASL…