Happy 1 Year!

I am proud to mark my 1 year with this blog today.

It has not been easy.  I do not blog every day or every month for that matter and frankly I did not know the exact date was today (I knew it was this week to be fair).

This past year I have probably seen the most growth in myself if I am being entirely reflective. Honestly I was not expecting it because there were so many mental setbacks.  Feelings of inadequacy, feeling like I’m going in the wrong direction with my life where themes that kept popping up over and over.  But Today… is someday and right now I am sitting in my own room in my rather nice apartment. Yeah readers (again…whoever you are) I have an apartment now.  I started this blog on my mattress, on the floor (not even a bed frame), of my bedroom, in my parents house… I was fresh off a horrid dumping of one those relationships you’re not ever really positive you’re in or not.  (Now granted I am 3 days out of one of those again, but we can’t really fix all our issues in a year can we..?  I’m not Rome). I graduated. Which honestly kids… not as climactic as a climax…dont let them fool you. And I went abroad on the most eye-opening solo trip, where I figured out that traveling could be a true passion of mine (once I kill off a rich husband).


So the year wasn’t perfect, but I used the ginormous speed bumps to figure out so much about myself – its unreal.  That girl on the stirrups at the gyno who quit her job last year… works full-time.  I’m still in the same profession, which we will not discuss, but I’m figuring out how to handle it in a way that I don’t want to hang myself at the thought of work.  I’m open to the idea of love, that terrifying box of chocolates (you never know what you’re gonna get). And I’m always, always ready for more adventure.  Another year will bring new fun along with challenges which I will handle with minimal grace and maximum anxiety and I hope to learn more about myself from all of it.

Thank you so much for following along. Without you I’d just be talking to myself… Or Am I?




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