Helloooooo readers

im-back blog

Wow. Excuse me while I kill the spiders and clear the dust space that is my blog.

I apologize sincerely for going rouge on those I would like to believe were faithfully eager to see the daily struggle of the perfectly imperfect twenty-something.  I thought of you often. But heres the thing SORRY NOT SORRY.

Wait wait wait don’t unfollow. Don’t stop reading, let me explain!

Remember how I started this blog? In gyno stirrups after quitting my first real job? In the harshness of February. Yeah not so pretty.

I basically needed an outlet for the failure that is postgrad.  Now congratulations to all the f*ckers out there doing it right, but I usually need a couple of tries to make that happen.   Through the blog, I’ve come to realize, I am certainly not alone in this almost quarter life insanity.  People have come forward after reading to say yes, everyone shaves their legs on Friday and then has the dude cancel plans while they are still in the shower. Shit sucks (Quality razors cost more than a burger dinner).  We as a community (yes, I’m making us a community now… strength in numbers?) have also decided checking our bank statements after a weekend of fun IS directly related to heart failure.  And most importantly if you ever feel unsure of what city is best for you and your lovers personalities, Buzzfeed has the answer.

Anyways, as I came to discover my insecurities, imperfections, and full out bambi-like shakiness in this adulthood I so craved to be good at was really, really f*ckn hard to most everyone, I just felt… better.  As the New England ice melted and I got a new sup-par job that started putting money in my bank account I realized I had to get out and LIVE.  SO bloggers, I am a sinner, for I have been going out and living and damn that living shits crazy.

I vow not to stay away as long as I have (5 months to be exact) but never to stop living this twenty-something life as hardcore as I did.

Peace, Love, Africa.


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