Am I Less of an Adult….

because I don’t have a library card…?

Seriously. When was the last time I rented a book from the library? And not for the sake of this overdue post, but I have PURCHASED four books in the last three months from the book store (only two of which were read all the way through… This is MY blog and I reserve the right to be completely honest with whomever my readers may be) so its not like I’m illiterate.

It was not until today when I recalled “she-who-shall-not-be-named” calling me a shameless spender for buying books (saving the economy) that I decided it was time to rent. Then as I went to request my book of choice “Please enter your Library Card #” pops up… It hit me…

I haven’t had a solid library card for more than a month (much like my male relationships… ) in my entire life! After I left for college I pretty much gave up on the entire idea because paying my ridiculous little town $2.50 per card was getting out of hand.

Then again paying for an entire book I may or may not like kind of is too…
So then it is resolved: If I want to some day have a puppy… or a bae… I think holding onto a library card is a good place to start.

Isn’t weird how all things in life connect to puppies, baes, and vodka?



PS. Wickd sorry for the hiatus. I think I’m about to make a come back. Look out blogosphere


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