One of my greatest fears…

Is checking my bank statement. Nothing gets my palms sweating and my heart beating like a ridiculously low balance… obviously related to undue spending. This month my old roommate and I figured out that most of the excused spending went a little something like this:

  • Saint Paddys (ya I know.. not Irish right? WRONG. I was raised by the Irish.)
  • “I don’t have anything to wear tonight” quick (never) trips to the mall
  • Best friend since scrunchies and NYSNCs birthday bash
  • “Endless Mimosa Brunch Saturday”
  • Repeat with “Bellinis and Bacon Sunday”
  • Target, Target, Target (I swear Target is after my soul). 
  • “I just cannot cook tonight”… chips, salsa, margarita, pizza, chinese, sushi, pad thai

never affording to move out of my parents house

I will chalk this all up to the fact that I often think I am Princess Diana reincarnated when I swipe my debit card.  I guess I should start carrying cash? Or start a penny jar? Or give up drinking? Ooooor stop checking my bank statements entirely. 





One thought on “One of my greatest fears…

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