Pedal Forward


So today, during a frequent spout of online shopping (please shred my debt card) I confronted the fact that I’ve been wanting a new bike for a while now.

The difference between owning a bike now, as an adult, and owning a bike as a cool kid is that I can no longer ride my bike on the sidewalk without being a pain in the ass.

So I’m surfing through craigslist and I don’t want one of those bikes that make you lean super forward cause well, I’m tall and I’m figuring that won’t be too great for my spine (just a theory). I do, but I don’t want one of those pleasure low rider bikes you see cruising along Martha’s Vineyard cause face it, its not practical. Finally I settle on this right in-between bike, fast, neutral colored, right price, totally capable of poppin a wheelie if necessary (look out boys).

Then just as I’m emailing this guy about how I REALLY want this bike, I remember above problem…I’m going to have to ride this thing IN THE STREET.

This is not my tonk a truck of a car. Its a piece of metal with no seat belt and everyone hates bikers, especially slow leisurely ones like myself. This could be the ultimate bought and never used item.


It could be a really brave new adventure and I could have super sculpted legs and save money on gas and get over a strange fear of people in their cars staring at me…


Adult lesson 632: Things that make you sweat profusely are not always awful, but life changing. Get better deodorant & a super cute helmet.


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