Wheres the Time?

Ok so, I’m not sure if this is super girlie, but HEY its my blog I can cry if I want too… (not crying, its a song). When did “ONE DAY I WILL, SOMEDAY I WILL” become “TODAY I HAVE TO??”

I am not susceptible to dry eyes so I am not about to blame this on the “you blink and its tomorrow” phenomenon. I mean I HAVE BAGS UNDER MY EYES from waking up at 4:30am (for that previously mentioned adult job) and enjoy very dark and heavy beer.

“No thank you young man at the bar, I will spend four decades on the toilet if I accept that Bud Light from you.”

Note/Question: I’m not famous…but will I get in trouble for brand dropping? And yes I’d probably still accept that beer if anyones trynna buy (Please note the unemployment from previous post). 

bl blog


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